Guided Meditations

Restful Sleep

Restful Sleep Guided Meditation

This meditation will lead you into a deep, restful sleep. It includes a breathing exercise and progressive muscle relaxation.
Wheel of Awareness

Wheel of awareness

Wheel of Awareness originally introduced by Dr Daniel Siegel is a practice that aims to explore and integrate all internal and external senses. It brings a mix of various techniques merged into one enjoyable experience.


Very Good Morning

Very Good Morning Meditation

Start your day with Very Good Morning Guided Meditation. Face challenges of your day with strength, integrity and a gentle heart. Breathing exercise to improve blood circulation and oxygen supply + affirmations to make your day even better.

6 corner stones of daily practice

6 Cornerstones of Daily Meditation

This is a beginners guide for those who wish to start a meditation practice. It has two parts: Tutorial and Guided Meditation.